Thursday, January 09, 2014

Training Thursday~New Shoes

Well today did not go as I had planned.  While the Big Man was at physical therapy I got two calls from two of our children.  Youngest daughter crying saying she had lost the oldest son's dog.  Second call was from the oldest son on vacation in Hawaii saying the youngest daughter had lost his dog - Lexus
Lexus somehow got of the backyard - she would not come back to my daughter, she was running.
I called the youngest son, and told him as soon as the Big Man finished physical therapy we were headed to find Lexus - like most children my may fight among themselves but let one of them get in trouble - and they rally.
Youngest son said he would help and headed that way.
  Being the grandparents we are, we drove 60 miles to where the kids live.
It is 35 degrees, feels like 25 and drizzling rain.
Since I hadn't planned on running today I was wearing dress boots.
Lexus was terrified - we saw her a couple of times running across an open field and hiding in a tree-lined ditch.  After running across the field a couple of times - I went back to my son's house and picked up Lilly - awesome sister to Lexus
Lilly is the awesome sister because with her short little legs she is very near to the wet cold ground.  She doesn't like wet or cold - but she didn't balk at trying to help find her sister. 
Do you ever wonder what goes on in a dog's mind?
Lexus saw Lilly but she was too scared to come to me or Lilly.
Lilly looked at me - like enough, let's go get her - and we are running across the field again.
Remember the black boots?
Well they are not made for wet, muddy, 35 degree weather - my feet were cold and wet.
Just as Lilly runs up on Lexus - I slipped.
Pulling a groin muscle and landing on the ground. Awesome grandpuppy Lilly comes back to check on me and Lilly follows.
Nanny - having dogged a few calves in her life - grabs scared cold Lexus.
 Sitting in the mud, holding a terrified Lexus - I call youngest daughter to help me get out of the field.
2 hours of running in 35 degree weather in dress boots - Lexus is home safe and sound.
Doggie Dad (oldest son) is now enjoying his vacation in Hawaii.
And, Nanny with a pulled groin muscle got a new pair of socks and shoes.
What would you have done?

~ Connie ~ 


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