Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fringed Hours - Not With Mother Nature

This has been a odd week - no work on Monday or Tuesday the clinic was closed because of ice and snow. I did get to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday I had a plan to work on some fun things (trying to incorporate Jessica Turner's Fringed Hours in my life)...mother nature changed those plans.
I was woken up by the Big Man telling me to get up - the garage was flooded. Our personal kennels (home for 11 of our four-legged rescue babies) was flooding. We managed to keep the water out of their room - but we were not successful in keeping the water out of the house.  I spent from 6 AM to after 3 helping the Big Man, dig ditches, remove snow, and move pumps around in the yard.  It was absolutely miserable. 
Mother Nature 1 - Ashs' 0.
Till next Winter - we now have a plan to update the drainage in our yard.
As for the rest of the weekend - I have ordered a new book
I am always looking for way to maximize my time - hoping Jessica Turner can help me kinder to myself and find a few hours to do things that mean the most to me.
Stay tuned this week - I will be sharing some scrapbook layouts with you and more about
Fringe Hours
~ Connie ~


Sarah Shotts said...

Sorry to hear about your flood! Eeep!

I just discovered Fringe Hours last night and ordered it immediately! This is very much in line with my mission over on :) So excited to hear more stories of women filling those fringe hours with passion projects! Glad I spotted your post on ARWB link up.

Connie Ash said...

All is good - just frustrating. Thanks for thinking about me.

Laurie Ritchey said...

Yikes! Sounds like a huge mess. We got a little water inside, but nothing like you. The water in the gutters was frozen, so I guess the melting snow had nowhere to go -- except inside!

Connie Ash said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for stopping by my blog. I took a peek at your blog - I love your wedding story.
Thanks again,