Monday, February 09, 2015

How We Celebrate Birthdays In The South

Today is my father's 87th. birthday.  The celebration started yesterday with a family dinner (minus a few members that had to work).
Dinner's at my home are filled with fun, lots of noise, and food.  Jer Jer (the youngest son) grilled pork steaks and ribs.  I whipped up some stuffed tomatoes, sauteed green beans, twice-baked  cauliflower, mac-n-cheese (got to feed the little ones), baked beans, and stuffed mushrooms.  Heather (baby daughter) baked from scratch a Southern Pecan Cake.  Of course there was gallons of sweet tea and wine.

Now you have to remember we have 6 adult children and they have family - so yesterday after the twelves of us finished lunch - boredom sat in... they need something to keep them busy. So, they decided to put my chicken coop together, since Tractor Supply is getting chickens today.

Even, Baby Girl helped...of course Matt (the perfect son-in-law) was doing his best to tell her how to use a drill...(hint Matt, she took shop in high school). 
While construction of the chicken coop took place, Uncle Jer Jer kept the little ones busy with a little football in the front yard. 
Of course, if you own your own shooting range - everyone has to have a little gun time.
I got to shoot my first gun at age 5.  My Father has been a member of the NRA for more than 50 years. My children and my grandchildren each learned to handle a weapon at the age of 5.
Off to the our range we went. Dad right in the middle of the pack.
After all the fun on the shooting range - every one returned to the house - where we had awesome peach cobbler (thanks to Gary and Suzie Brooks who baked specially for Dad's Birthday). Peach cobbler calls for more Sweet Tea, Coffee or Wine. 
Poor Dad - he was ready for bed by 8 PM, but, he went to be with a smile on his face.
I am always amazed at the things my family can find to occupy their time when they get together - I guess our southern lifestyle isn't so bad - God, County and Family, that is what we are about, Thank you Dad for giving me strong roots and firm beliefs.
Happy Birthday
~ Connie ~

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