Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So, What to do?

Once again it has been a week since I last updated the world on my life.  Determination has always been a strong point for me.... I quit high school (long story) but have gone on to earn an associates degree, a bachelors degree, a master's degree, a post master's certificate, open a free health clinic, open my own family practice, a boarding kennel...raise 5 children and kiss a few frogs to find the love of my why can't I find time to do what is important to me????   What to do?

What is important to me???
1. Being a good person.
2. Living healthy
3. Learning to live with less stress
Take a look at my book collection. Study Bible, Yoga, Running, Organization, Blogging, Herbal Cures, Gardening, Quilting... all the things I am interested in... so why are my days not filled with things I am interested things...things that will make me a better person???
I guess to answer the question I have to figure out where I spend my day.
Today - I rolled out of bed at 6:30. 
1.  Fourteen four-legged babies up and out to potty.  It take a hour and half (some do not play well with others).
2.Then over to the boarding kennels, today we had 5 boards so another 30 minutes to clean kennels and take them for a short walk.
3. Back to the house -  pickup a cup of coffee, shower, and dress for work (another hour) .
4. Work - walked in at 9 AM - saw patients till noon - lunch at my desk (goofed off, talking with my nurse) - patients again 1:30 t0 4PM. . While at work - rescheduled free clinic due to the weather.
5. Home by 6 (stopped at a new store opening). I did work on the Big Man's concealed handgun schedule on the way home... scheduled 2 classes (thank goodness for hands-free calling).
6. Immediately turned on the laptop and pulled up my classroom. Yes, I am teaching 2 classes (physical assessment and community health).  Time to grade final project papers.
Left to do to night...grade 30 papers, dictate 40 charts...walk dogs, clean the kennels, feed the chicks...thank God, the Big Man is cooking dinner. 
7.  Plan - be in bed by 11 PM so I can do this all over again tomorrow...
So, what to do - hire a personal assistant??? Give up something??? (giving up the four-legged babies are not an option). Move to the full electronic health record so I don't have to dictate?? Quit teaching??  Get up earlier???  So many options......and not enough time to pick one or two.

How do you find time for the things you love?

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