Sunday, May 10, 2015

Make It Happen - Giving God and My Family More Than Leftovers

This past week has been crazy - with work (family practice), two grandsons playing baseball (8 PM games), boarding picking up in the kennels, starting a new eight week session of teaching, and one night of free clinic, and taking care of my Dad (aka Pops) - oh and did I mention I have been on call.

I have been feeling overwhelmed.  I am still working hard on being mindful of the moment - but it is really difficult.  In my spare time (don't laugh), I have been reading Lara Casey's book "Make it Happen."
As I was reading Lara's Book I came to the realization, my life is overflowing with activity.  The only time I have in prayer is when I lay my head on the pillow - I ask God every night to take it all - let me not worry or dwell on the events of the day. I have done the best I can do. 
What I say isn't a prayer - it is giving God the leftovers.
Sadly - I often give my family the left overs. 
When I drag in at 10 PM and they watch me eat dinner, fall asleep watching a movie or when I step away from a ballgame to answer my phone - my family gets left out.
As I was reading Lara's book I realized I do not want to say I should of been a better wife, mother, daughter, nana, sister.
Like many overwhelmed people - finding a starting point to make a change is difficult.
What do I cut out of my life? 
Can I find a day - a whole day to disconnect from the world and spend time with my family? 
Can I find 30 minutes a day to listen to God, instead of giving him the leftovers at the end of the day?
What I do know - is I am the only one that can make a change.
Have you changed your busy life?
How do you give God and your family the first bite instead of the leftovers?
As for me - I will be rereading Lara Casey's Book and thinking more about unplugging and listening to God.
~ Connie ~

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