Sunday, August 28, 2016

Be Good To Me Saturday Craft Time

As part of my "be good to me" routine, I spent Saturday crafting. I started with a little sewing.  A friend need a few burp cloths for a baby shower, so I whipped these up in just a couple of hours.  I was a little frustrated at first, my embroidery machine and sewing machine both must have liked being on vacation because neither wanted to work...but with a little prayer and persuasion the sewing machine decided to cooperate. 
Baby Burp Cloths 
Then it was nap-time.  Honey Bunny and I took a short 15 minute nap. It was the best sleep, a quite house and Honey snoring. Rescue dogs can teach us all about life we just listen. Nap-time and cuddles are blessings 
Rescue Dog Resting 
 Looking over my schedule, I realized I had volunteered for flowers this week at church.  So instead of frantically calling a florist, I made a quick run to Walmart and bought flowers.
It look took an hour to put this piece together.  It felt great to be creative.
Creative Saturday Flowers 
 It felt so good to be creative I just kept working I finished up a curtain for the den.  I have had this fabric cut out and ready to go for weeks.  
Saturday - I get to be creative and I also got to check a project off my to-do list. 
Curtain for the Den 
What did you do this weekend to be creative?  What did you do to "be good to you"?
~ Connie Kay A ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Recovery For A Weary Soul

I am back to blogging!  I feel like I have been gone forever.  I took a few months off to try to regroup.
My soul and body were weary.  Over the last couple of months I have come to realize that stress is real. Stress and an over-loaded calendar can cause spiritual and physical issues.

Over the previous twenty-four months I had opened a family practice, as a new nurse practitioner, built and opened a boarding kennel, cared for my youngest son through two tough surgeries and a life altering illness, along with my husband having two knee replacements and my father, who has dementia moving in with us.  All of this, while trying to stay active doing God's work.  Being mom to 14 rescue dogs, volunteering to take in emergency foster animals, running a free health clinic (two nights a month), and chairing the mission's committee at church.

Some days I woke up and did not have a clue what day of the week it was or where I was supposed to begin.  I gained 10 lbs and lost muscle tone and flexibility.  I let friendships go and found diversion from my responsibilities in social media.

Now,  I am making smarter choices about how to spend my time. I am saying no to things I can live without and yes to things God has spoken to me about.

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you some of the information I have gained from the books I have read, the podcast I have listened to, and the ways I have found to find happiness and peace for my weary soul.  The happiness that God wants us to                                                                have.

If you are looking for the happiness God wants us to experience check out this awesome group read at In-Courage Happiness Dare Book Club

Peace be with you,
~ Connie Kay A ~