Monday, April 20, 2015

Finding my motivation

It has been months since I ran consistently.  Granted my life is busy, with a new family practice clinic, a new boarding kennel, running a free health clinic, moving my Dad in with us, caring for 14 rescued fur-babies and just the general everyday family obligations, but I still feel guilty about not running.

Not running is like a dark cloud that followed me around everyday - why not run today? are you going to run?? running? 

I have been reading several books lately - Make it Happen by Lara Casey, Women Who Do To Much by Patricia Sprinkle and the Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. Each of these authors have been speaking directly to me with each page I finish...quit making excuses, find the time, make it happen.

Well Sunday I answered the question - I got on the treadmill. I wouldn't exactly call it running maybe more waddling, but I got on the treadmill and moved my legs.
It felt great - no not really, my legs hurt, my hip hurt, I was dying of thirst...but I did it.!

Guess what I got back on the treadmill on Monday.  This time, I finished with patients early so I used my lunch time to go to the gym.  Once again, It felt great - nooooo not really, but I did it.
Now to find the motivation to keep doing it... to keep run.

This is MeMe - 16 years old and still running
Stay tuned see how I do.
~ Connie ~

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Saying Goodbye is Hard

Today we said goodbye to our sweet girl, Angle.
She was 16 years old
Several years ago, my niece called and asked if I would keep her four-legged children. She was in the middle of a divorce and having to relocate.  The only other option would be an animal shelter in a large city -where they would end up a statistic. So, of course, these two sweet faces came to live with us. They were 10 years old.  
Oreo and Angle
Oreo and Angel - they waltz into our crazy life.  We already had 10 rescue dogs of our own, but these two were bonded and needed to be together.  Oreo is bossy, he doesn't like other dogs - but he loved his Angel. 
Angel was happy to sit in the swing and watch me read. She never barked - not even when Oreo was pushing her around.  She never worried about getting dirty she would roll and roll in the grass (I always wondered what she was rolling in).  She loved a home-cooked meal or fast food - she simply loved food. If I was eating it, it had to be good and she would gladly share.
She developed renal failure a few months ago - I knew we were starting the walk towards the Rainbow bridge, but she pulled out of the renal failure and continued to be her happy self.
Till Monday - on Monday she was back in renal failure - Dr. Cato, my friend and four-legged babies doctor tired to make her better, but her worn out kidneys just could not be restarted.
This morning she was trying so hard to hang on - for me.  she kept looking at me, like I am trying Mom, but she was struggling for each breath.
So with me,  The Big Man, Dr. Cato and his awesome staff we said good bye.
I know my sweet Angle is running in heaven, rolling on each patch of grass she can find. 
Oreo and I will miss her greatly - my hope is that when I get to heaven I will see her again.
Life is short - It is hard to let go of someone you love...
Hug the ones you love
~ Connie ~

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fringed Hours - Not With Mother Nature

This has been a odd week - no work on Monday or Tuesday the clinic was closed because of ice and snow. I did get to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday I had a plan to work on some fun things (trying to incorporate Jessica Turner's Fringed Hours in my life)...mother nature changed those plans.
I was woken up by the Big Man telling me to get up - the garage was flooded. Our personal kennels (home for 11 of our four-legged rescue babies) was flooding. We managed to keep the water out of their room - but we were not successful in keeping the water out of the house.  I spent from 6 AM to after 3 helping the Big Man, dig ditches, remove snow, and move pumps around in the yard.  It was absolutely miserable. 
Mother Nature 1 - Ashs' 0.
Till next Winter - we now have a plan to update the drainage in our yard.
As for the rest of the weekend - I have ordered a new book
I am always looking for way to maximize my time - hoping Jessica Turner can help me kinder to myself and find a few hours to do things that mean the most to me.
Stay tuned this week - I will be sharing some scrapbook layouts with you and more about
Fringe Hours
~ Connie ~

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So, What to do?

Once again it has been a week since I last updated the world on my life.  Determination has always been a strong point for me.... I quit high school (long story) but have gone on to earn an associates degree, a bachelors degree, a master's degree, a post master's certificate, open a free health clinic, open my own family practice, a boarding kennel...raise 5 children and kiss a few frogs to find the love of my why can't I find time to do what is important to me????   What to do?

What is important to me???
1. Being a good person.
2. Living healthy
3. Learning to live with less stress
Take a look at my book collection. Study Bible, Yoga, Running, Organization, Blogging, Herbal Cures, Gardening, Quilting... all the things I am interested in... so why are my days not filled with things I am interested things...things that will make me a better person???
I guess to answer the question I have to figure out where I spend my day.
Today - I rolled out of bed at 6:30. 
1.  Fourteen four-legged babies up and out to potty.  It take a hour and half (some do not play well with others).
2.Then over to the boarding kennels, today we had 5 boards so another 30 minutes to clean kennels and take them for a short walk.
3. Back to the house -  pickup a cup of coffee, shower, and dress for work (another hour) .
4. Work - walked in at 9 AM - saw patients till noon - lunch at my desk (goofed off, talking with my nurse) - patients again 1:30 t0 4PM. . While at work - rescheduled free clinic due to the weather.
5. Home by 6 (stopped at a new store opening). I did work on the Big Man's concealed handgun schedule on the way home... scheduled 2 classes (thank goodness for hands-free calling).
6. Immediately turned on the laptop and pulled up my classroom. Yes, I am teaching 2 classes (physical assessment and community health).  Time to grade final project papers.
Left to do to night...grade 30 papers, dictate 40 charts...walk dogs, clean the kennels, feed the chicks...thank God, the Big Man is cooking dinner. 
7.  Plan - be in bed by 11 PM so I can do this all over again tomorrow...
So, what to do - hire a personal assistant??? Give up something??? (giving up the four-legged babies are not an option). Move to the full electronic health record so I don't have to dictate?? Quit teaching??  Get up earlier???  So many options......and not enough time to pick one or two.

How do you find time for the things you love?

Monday, February 09, 2015

How We Celebrate Birthdays In The South

Today is my father's 87th. birthday.  The celebration started yesterday with a family dinner (minus a few members that had to work).
Dinner's at my home are filled with fun, lots of noise, and food.  Jer Jer (the youngest son) grilled pork steaks and ribs.  I whipped up some stuffed tomatoes, sauteed green beans, twice-baked  cauliflower, mac-n-cheese (got to feed the little ones), baked beans, and stuffed mushrooms.  Heather (baby daughter) baked from scratch a Southern Pecan Cake.  Of course there was gallons of sweet tea and wine.

Now you have to remember we have 6 adult children and they have family - so yesterday after the twelves of us finished lunch - boredom sat in... they need something to keep them busy. So, they decided to put my chicken coop together, since Tractor Supply is getting chickens today.

Even, Baby Girl helped...of course Matt (the perfect son-in-law) was doing his best to tell her how to use a drill...(hint Matt, she took shop in high school). 
While construction of the chicken coop took place, Uncle Jer Jer kept the little ones busy with a little football in the front yard. 
Of course, if you own your own shooting range - everyone has to have a little gun time.
I got to shoot my first gun at age 5.  My Father has been a member of the NRA for more than 50 years. My children and my grandchildren each learned to handle a weapon at the age of 5.
Off to the our range we went. Dad right in the middle of the pack.
After all the fun on the shooting range - every one returned to the house - where we had awesome peach cobbler (thanks to Gary and Suzie Brooks who baked specially for Dad's Birthday). Peach cobbler calls for more Sweet Tea, Coffee or Wine. 
Poor Dad - he was ready for bed by 8 PM, but, he went to be with a smile on his face.
I am always amazed at the things my family can find to occupy their time when they get together - I guess our southern lifestyle isn't so bad - God, County and Family, that is what we are about, Thank you Dad for giving me strong roots and firm beliefs.
Happy Birthday
~ Connie ~

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another week of Shalom

As this week comes to an end and we start a new week - I am amazed at how quickly the week has gone by, how much I have tackled this week, and the fact that I am still focused on my one little word - Shalom ( a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony).

The Big Man got the toilet and the sink set in our Kennel building. We got to use the classroom in the kennel building for the first time to host a concealed firearm safety class. We have had boarders four out of seven nights at Bed and Biscuit Boarding   My family practice is growing. My teaching obligation is moving along,  Pops (my 86 year old father who now lives with us) had a fairly good week, the kids and grandboys are doing well, and the fur-babies haven't been ill. Oh - and the Big Man and I have had some great conversations walking dogs.

I had a little down time at lunch on Friday so I decided to catch-up reading post at Arkansas Women Bloggers.  Jeanetta Darley is my new hero. She shared some of her gardening resources - you know spring is just around the corner.  If you are a gardener - you should check-out Jeanetta's post Beginning the Garden Discussion. I have fallen in love with Smart Gardener, a digital garden planner she shared in her post.  I have started picking plants, I even named my garden "Birds and Blooms Haven." 

I can't wait for Spring, the Big Man and I are going to measure off some space tomorrow for the garden. I am hoping to include my new chicken coop near the garden space. 

Remember to keep checking back in 2015, as I focus on the meaning behind my One Little Word -

~ Shalom ~ a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony! 
~ Connie ~

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Start Everyday

I am always energized at the start of a new year - full of plans for the next 12 months.  This year I am just as energized but I am looking at 2015 in a different way. 

The next minute, 2 hours from now, tomorrow or next week all offer a new start. This new perspective comes from my word for 2015 - Shalom.

Shalom  a Hebrew word meaning peace..  Hebrew words go beyond their spoken pronunciation. Each Hebrew word conveys feeling, intent and emotion. Shalom is more then just simply peace; it is a complete peace. It is a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony.

As I struggle to run a family practice, operate a boarding kennel, manage a free health clinic, enjoy my four-legged babies, care for my 86 year-old father (who has moved in with us), spend time with those most important in my life, and try to understand God's Plan for me - I am going to focus on complete peace.

Will life be perfect all the time, it depends on me.  What I define as perfect, not what others define as perfect. 

Here are a few of my goals for 2015.
1. Follow God's Plan.
2. Severe where there is a need and an open door.
3. Be healthy (started tonight with a short run and a Pilates class).
4. Support my family in all their needs.

Hang around in 2015, see where I find my peace, contentment, wholeness and harmony.
~ Connie ~