Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Egg Casserole

Yea Tuesday is almost over and I am one day nearer to the weekend. 

I had Zumba tonight followed by a swim with the Big Man and discussion questions to grade.  The Big Man fixed dinner tonight - grilled chicken, green beans, and tomatoes.  I love fresh green beans and tomatoes.

I have a confession - I am a magazine junkie - today I received the newest edition of Taste of Home (Thank you boys for the great Christmas Gift). I couldn't wait to browse all the pages -

After looking through the magazine I think this weekend I will fix a couple of egg casseroles for the Big Man. He has been watching his carbohydrate intake.   Limiting his carbohydrates has helped stabilize his blood sugar and he has lost some weight. 

Have any great egg casserole recipes - send them my way.
Happy Tuesday
~ Connie ~

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laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Connie, I don't get Taste of Home anymore, but I used to love browsing and circling recipes to try. I tried Zumba one time. I think I may be too uncoordinated for it. It is definitely a work out though! Thanks for stopping by my blog. laurie