Saturday, July 14, 2012

A-Z All About Me - Bold, Beautiful, Blessing Looking for Balance

Me and the Big Man
B – Again this week I asked the Big Man, “What word beginning with the letter B would he use to describe me?”

The words he used are Bold, Beautiful, and Blessing.    I didn’t know what to say at first.  I thought about what he said and I have to agree –

The definition of bold is: “Showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.”

I am bold.  I like to wear red, drive fast, play hard, and think outside of the box.  I am not fashion model beautiful, but I am ok for someone turning fifty this year.  Yes, 50.
The Great River Charitable Clinic

He went on to tell me that I am a blessing to many – him, the kids, our four-legged babies, and the patients at the free health clinic. 
I spent some time today sitting in the swing thinking about what he said – how he sees me.  What he does not see – is how blessed I am. 
The word I want to describe me is balance – I want to find balance in my life.  I want to find more time to spend with my family, to fish, to watch the sun set or the hummingbirds fly. 

Most days I feel like I am in control but I put my obligations on my schedule before “me” time.
So this bold, beautiful, blessing is going to work on finding balance in my blessed life
~  Connie ~


Love Kate said...


it so nice to see everyone know they are blessed.

thanks for sharing

Love Kate

Cassie@HomeIsWhereTheHeartIsBlog said...

Connie, I need to find balance too. Life is just so busy! It's nice that u are seen as those 3 'b's. Cassie x

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Balance is hard to find in our busy lives. Sometimes I forget to work on that - thanks for the reminder!