Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning something new

I had an hour free tonight so what would any Southern Girl do?
 I ran to my craft space and decided to try my new sewing machine.
Well I have quickly realized that I will need a semester (16 weeks) to figure this girl out.
Sewing machine check, instruction manual check, step by step video about the sewing machine check - here I go
Well video is worthless - so moving on to YouTube. 
What did we do before YouTube?
First video - how to thread a bobbin
Second video - how to thread the machine
Yea - sewing...opps I broke the needle.
Back to YouTube 
My Cheerleader - MeMe
She is waiting on me to learn how to use the machine so
I can cover that pillow she is laying on.
Third video -- how to replace the needle.
And I am, Back to sewing

YEA!  an hour later - a 4 inch seam on a scrap of fabric.
I win! well I win for tonight.
I can't wait to try the embroidery on this machine
~ Connie ~

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