Sunday, March 31, 2013

Putting God and Family First in a Blessed Life

As I sat in church this morning I thought wondering about tomorrow - wouldn't it be nice if we really focused on our faith everyday or rejoiced in our savior everyday.  Maybe some do - but I know I get caught up in my hectic schedule and sometimes the only time I have alone with my savior is just before I go to sleep...when all is quite.

I found this awesome picture at sometime...maybe on Facebook or Pinetrest.  It says it all. As I start next week - I am going to focus on the secret of a happy life.

I have to say it has been a busy day - after church and lunch, we cleaned the kennel.  Then cleaned us  up and headed to Jax's Birthday Party... King Jax turned 11 today.
King Jax and His Dad (our oldest son)
Today was also, our other grandson's birthday - Tyler he turned 9.  Tyler is spending the weekend with his Daddy (our middle son) who returned home form Afghanistan Thursday.  We get to see them next weekend
Tyler and His Dad (our middle son)
Next week as I try to focus more on my faith - I will work, complete at the least 8 hours of pediatric clinical, write on paper, grade a few papers, attend a 2 day conference, 2 volunteer committee meetings (Humane Society and NWTF) and start my training plan for a half marathon  - while the contractor lays new flooring in my dinning room.   
Living the Blessed Life
~ Connie ~


Debbie said...

Whew! You are definitely busy:7

ConnieKay said...

Hi Debbie - I try to cut back but there is so much I want to accomplish and give back to the community. Thanks for commenting.