Sunday, October 23, 2016

Finding Quite Time

This week was busy but I managed to get several things accomplished.
Office charts, done.  
Volunteer health clinic, complete.  
Humane Society benefit, a success. 
The Big Man's campaign radio ad, written and recorded.  

Next week"s menu outlined, grocery list prepared.
Student assignments and final grades posted.
Next course set-up

Our Front Yard in the Fall
This is where I am, trying to restructure to find some daily silence and maybe even a weekly day of Sabbath.  The Big Man and I, spent some time together today talking about how to restructure our days to allow us to have more times together and less hustle.

The focus for next week will be starting the day earlier, this will give me some quite time, time to start the day feeling less stressed and allow me to get to my office a couple of hours before I start seeing patients.  The time in the office will allow me quite time to complete paper work or work on continuing education.

Hal Elrod has written about and discussed the benefits of the miracle morning. I have read his books The Miracle Morning and Taking Life Head On.  Both books make sense, they encourage me to be a better person.  The challenge is for me to be a better person, who is not following the prescription of more is better.

So, I would love to hear, how do you find quite time? Do you practice the Sabbath?

~ ConnieKayA ~
A Southern Girl sharing her passion for living an abundantly blessed life.

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